Power Up Your Connections

 Quality is more than a word. It is a statement about who you are as a company. What your products represent. How your showroom appears. What level of service you provide.  

The way we represent you, the high-end decorative plumbing products we represent, the kitchen and bath showrooms, interior designers, builders and architects we deal with all share one core commitment: uncompromising quality.  

Since our founding in 1991 our central mission has been to represent exceptional products and to maximize the sales and financial success of manufacturers, showrooms and specifiers by providing superior services, from sales, to marketing and merchandising.  Our team actively works with the designers and architects in our markets to drive product specification.  We then provide follow through with service throughout the project to the contractors, plumbers and builders.  

Our Team

 Each member of our growing staff is committed to a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and to unrivaled customer service throughout our territories in Southern California, Clark County, Nevada and Arizona.  

Our strength comes from a passion for what we do, the experience and knowledge of our team, and the synergy of business relationships that stretch beyond two decades.  

The products we represent and the people we deal with all together help define the upscale kitchen and bath market. Industry leading companies such as Blanco, Hansgrohe, Mr. Steam and Robern trust us to sell, market and support their products because of our track record and commitment to service.  Because of our success with these lines, we have continued to represent them for over 20 years.

Our Power

 We are able to successfully accomplish this year after year by investing in quality employees, implementing new technology, understanding our manufacturer's market strategies and thoroughly and effectively covering our territory. That commitment builds deep experience.  

The Associated Sales team constantly spends time and effort, including attending regional and national trade shows, along with webinars , to stay abreast of all aspects of the lines we represent.  Then we teach others. We typically visit 50 or more major showrooms each week in addition to our wholesale accounts and plumbing counters.  We host CEU trainings, lunch and learns with architects, designers and builders as well to expand their knowledge of our products.  

We provide the same sort of service for commercial projects. We can help prepare quotes and do job cost estimates. We help ensure that projects and the process work smoothly. We provide solutions fast.  

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